Things to Plan Before You Opt for Ecommerce Web Development in Brisbane, Australia

When you decide to develop an ecommerce website for your business, you will come across plenty of obstacles and confusing, conflicting information regarding the design and the functionality of your online store. Planning a powerful online store presence for your brick and mortar store is a big decision and it requires careful planning to set yourself up for online success.

Big brands like Apple and Amazon spent plenty of cash in researching, creating and maintaining the look, focusing on the psychology of their customers, but, being a small or medium-sized business we don’t have access to the mountain of cash; hence planning is the only key toward enduring success by capturing the audience.

Here’s a small list of points you should consider when opting for eCommerce Web Development in Australia;

What You are Selling and How Much You are Selling?

You may feel bit awkward about this point, but what you are selling and how much you are selling is very important when it comes to website designing. Based on your requirements and products, the web designers you hire will need this information to effectively design the layout of your online store. For instance, if you are selling around 3-4 products, then you can opt for a single page website, but if you are selling more products, then you need to arrange and categorise them so that your customers can easily find them and purchase them quickly. Plan your website design and layout accordingly, so that your customers don’t get frustrated and find a competitor.

Look and Feel of Your Website

As your business in unique the look and feel of your ecommerce website should reflect this unique nature. Thinking out of the box, coming up with the visuals that separates your website from the crowd is really important. Go for a neat, clean, precise and modern ecommerce website that reflects your business ethics and invites customers to feel comfortable to purchase. You can discuss with your web designer so that he can ensure there are no clashes later that could consume both your time and money.

Simple Checkout Process

Along with the above mentioned two points, the checkout process on your website should be easy and customer-friendly. In many cases, it has been observed that due to the complex checkout processes customers abandon their carts before payments. Streamline the checkout process, and make sure you don’t ask for any unnecessary information that annoys the customers.

Contact eCommerce Web Design and Development Company Near You

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Expert Tips to Help You Find the Best Web Development Company Near You in Brisbane, Australia

So, you finally decided to go online with your business to multiply the growth of your business by serving the global customer base? That’s really a great plan, but to fulfill your dreams of going online and assist your customers in a flawless manner, you will need a web development company near you that can develop an overwhelming business website for you and your business. Hiring a web development company near you is not as simple as it looks. You should do plenty of research and consider many points before you hire a website development company in Brisbane, Australia.

Here are some truly useful tips to help you hire a web development agency that will stay with you during and after the web development process;

Look at the Company’s Portfolio

Judging the book by its cover is not good, especially when you are looking for a web development company that can decide the success or failure of your online venture. There are web development companies with awesome websites, but unsatisfying web development skills. The portfolio is the best way to judge a company’s potential and proficiency in creating amazing websites for different business domains. The company’s portfolio is the mirror of company’s exact abilities in this field. Their portfolio also gives you a glimpse of the exact services you need from a company.

Company’s Industry Presence

Go for a company with at least 3 years of industry experience, because this ensures that the company is well aware about the web design and development trends within the industry. The experience of the company helps it to decide the perfect technology for your online venture. A company with the combination of both – experience and expertise will prove to the wisest decision made by you.

Availability of Flawless Communication

Flawless communication between you and the web development company is extremely necessary for instant sharing of ideas and project related discussions. Therefore, before, you hire a web development company near you in Brisbane, Australia, ask the firm about its preferred channel of communication and also share yours with them. Don’t rely on occasional communication, instead try to get briefed on your project developments almost daily.

Whether the Firm Fits in Your Budget or Not

Website development comes with an expensive price tag. However, there are some web development companies like Webmate that can help you fulfill your dreams within your budget without compromising on the quality of work. Therefore, make sure you discuss your budget and requirements with the web development company you hire before signing any contract.

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Professional Yet Affordable Web Design Services Near You in Brisbane

Are you in search of a web design company in Brisbane that offers web design services without the fancy price tags? If so, then Webmate is an ideal option for you. At Webmate, we understand the struggles of small business; hence, we offer website designing services that are professional yet affordable, and work around you and your business priorities. Along with premium quality web design services, we also offer internet marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses Australia wide.

Being a web design company with years of experience, we know that what sort of problems small and medium –sized companies face when it comes to going online. They have to own a business website that has to be secure, competitive, attractive, and responsive and plenty of other features that too in a very limited budget and time frame.

We never compromise on our web design services. Our team of expert web designers in Brisbane knows everything there is to know about web design that produces desired results. The team of web designers utilise the latest in UX (user experience design) that are visually appealing and have the potential to engage the visitors in creative ways for incredible and effective User Experience. We focus on;

  1. Custom & Personalized Designs: We don’t do cookie cutter sites. Each site is made with love to reflect your business.
  2. Responsive Designs: With over 50% of searches on mobile, your site comes mobile responsive at no extra charge.
  3. SEO Friendly Designs: We optimise your Meta data for all the on-page SEO features to help you get found.

We work hand in hand with our clients to create web designs that are strategically personalised and fully customised to meet your business and marketing goals. Whether you need a single-page website or a website with loads of products and multimedia content, then we deliver world-class solutions for all your web design needs. We possess expertise in building user-friendly, highly responsive, easy to use and highly effective websites that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Webmate, a web design and development company near you, provides premium quality websites and online marketing that guarantee results for all sized businesses across Australia. To ensure a successful web design project, our team works closely with all brands, big and small, start-up and growing business, offering a creative, smart and powerful web design process from the beginning through accomplishment. We strive to ensure the success of your business.

You can depend on our expertise, experience and knowledge to create a web design in Brisbane that will multiply the growth of your business, expand your brand’s reach and eventually, increase your bottom line.

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Google alerts for the win (way better than mirror gazing)!

Quick tip for Google alerts.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Google alerts ( it is a service by Google that allows you to be notified when new content hits the web.  Pick a topic or a name and when something new is being indexed by Google you will get a notification email.

This is perfect for companies that are looking at activity around product or services.

When some of our clients are considering new products or services available in another country an alert can provide you with a ‘heads up’ of net activity so you can get a feel for how well it is being received in that audience.  For example if the product is suddenly in the news because it is being worn or used by a celebrity you will hear from Google and you can leverage this sudden exposure to your advantage.

If there is a lot of new discussion Google will aggregate the links to the content and send it to you at a frequency that suits you.  Nice!

Let’s pause for a moment.  Quick question: how often do you Google your business name?  For those of you giving yourself a mental tick – great – but do you check for new results that might be low on the list?  If you are like most business people the answer is rarely.

So why not use Google Alerts to keep an eye on your results for you?  Just create an alert for your business name.  Whenever any new content is indexed about your business you will know about it.  It’s a great way to ensure you keep an eye on your reputation.


Test and measure is the scientific approach and it worked to drag humanity out of ignorance yet I am shocked by how few people use this approach when it comes to their business.

A simple way to apply this approach is to look at your websites statistics.  Hands up those people who haven’t looked at their stats in more than 6 months!  I can imagine there are a lots of hands.

Yet website stats can unlock a lot of information about how your business is performing.

Bounce rates are well known.  If you have lots of people visiting your website and leaving really quickly it means your website is not appealing / engaging or your visitors are coming from incorrect traffic sources.  Check this google link for more information:

But one of the most neglected stats is exit pages.  Some people get bounce and exit confused so to clarify if someone visits a single page on your site and then leaves this is a bounce.  If someone looks at a bunch of pages and then leaves, the last page they look at is the exit page.  Fr more information go here:

So why is exit of value?  If your visitors exit on a products / services page this can be telling.  It may indicate the content on this page is poor or customer is expecting something different.

If they exit on the contact page then this might indicate the website provided enough information for the potential customer to think about contacting you.  If your call / contact rates don’t align with these numbers you might think about making it easier for people to call or offering a compelling reason for people to pick up the phone.

So why not wipe the dust off your website stats and see what’s happening.  Of course if you don’t have any website statistics being generated on your site you need to act now.  Here is a link to get you started.

When you have your stats under control you can use a really cool method of tweaking your site until it is humming!  Test and Measure is the friend of anyone wanting to maximise their website impact and I will talk about it in the next article.

Subject Lines for Emails

Think about your inbox at the end of the day.  It will be filled with a mix of business correspondence, sales and offers and spam.  We all click on our filter and decide what we will read and those emails that won’t be read.

So if business people have similar mindsets how you ensure your killer email is seen by your customer?  (I am going to assume you know that sending email that isn’t of value to your customers is a bad mistake!).  If you’ve done any email marketing before you should know the subject line is really important.  It needs to make your email stand out in crowded in boxes.  It may be the only visible content someone will glance at before deciding – read it or bin it.

At the same time, you know the subject line is something that get the spam filters twitchy.  Anything too outrageous and your email won’t make it to the inboxes at all.

Do you play it safe or go for gold?

Personally I check with the experts.  Many of the mailing services like Awebber and Mailchimp offer a checker to ensure you email has the greatest chance to be delivered but this is about the whole email.  What about the all important subject line?

I use two online resources to help me make an informed decision about what words to use.

If you have a subject line ready to go try this page: This website will give you feedback on the whole line.

This one will allow you to focus on single words and allow you to decide if a word should be included.  Some of the results might be a little shocking.  Words you might think create attention and drama may in fact be hampering your open rates.  Check them out – they are free and I have found them to be an invaluable resource.

Hey one last thing before I go, what is the one ingredient you should include in any email?  Check out my next article to see what is the ingredient that will transform your content and create a loyal following.

Split Testing

Split testing is the way to be constantly checking on what is working in your marketplace and what is on its way out.

What is it and how does it work?

If you have some knowledge of the scientific approach to experimentation you would understand the fundamentals for split testing.  It involves the creation of two test conditions, one control and one test and sending traffic to both (potential customers) to see which one works best.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of doing this is to create two landing pages not visible to customers visiting your standard website.  On the two pages place different tests like different calls to action.

Now send a sample of 100 visitors to each.  Watch the stats and see which one creates the most interest.  If one of these calls to action work better than the current one on your site use it but don’t stop there.

Take the winning call to action and make two versions of it by tweaking it slightly.  Now repeat the process.  By doing this a number of times you can be sure, by scientific testing, the actionable items on your website have the best chance of generating persistent leads levels.  The key is making sure you understand the stats and being brave and trying new things.

There are other ticks to ensure you get the best value from this exercise however they would take too long to explain.  Call us if you want to get a bigger bang from your website.

Test and Measure

Not sure if that new call to action will work?

Want to know if your landing pages are working?

Need to be sure you are getting the best value from your advertising?

Want to check if your sale is resonating with your customers?

There is a single answer to all of these questions.  Test and measure.  Why guess when you can try something and see if it works?

Imagine you have a new call to action (I will assume you have one of those 😊).  Take a benchmark in your stats and see if the new one does better or worse.

If the stats tell you it is working – great!  Now try again and refine it again to see if you can get another bump in user response.

If the stats tell you it isn’t working – great!  Go back to the original and go again making sure you learn from your mistakes.

Knowing more about your customers and what makes them react is always worthwhile.  A failed call to action will tell you about what not to use in all your marketing.  And a successful call to action might allow your business to reposition itself to maximise the benefit.

Of course, there is a super-fast, efficient way of doing all of this.  It’s become such a critical tool for anyone doing pay per click advertising that google has even added a toolset to support its paying customers.  I’ll tell you all about in the next article but a faster way to get the information is to shoot us an email or give us call.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Active Vs Passive Voice

If you have children you will know the “I want” tone.  From an early age children learn that if they want something they ask for it.  Sometimes over and over again at an increasing pitch and volume.

As adults, we learnt this behaviour is impolite.  In Australian culture we rarely even ask, waiting to be invited.  On a side note we also never take the last one.  How many times have you been at a function when something delicious disappears until there is one left on the plate and it sits there waiting to be eaten.  I have an American friend who thinks this is super funny and swoops in to grab the last one knowing we are all too embarrassed to grab it.

Anyway, this ‘not asking’ thing is a problem.

Think about the content on your website or any of your marketing material.  How often in that content do you ask people to take action?  Like: call us today, or shoot us an email, or buy today.  If you are like most Australian business the number of calls to action is similar to the number of pieces of pizza left over at teenagers birthday party… none.  Or you have a few but they aren’t very good.

There is some simple psychology here.  People read in a passive mindset.  By asking them to contact you or to take action you are firing up a different part of their thought processes.  You are asking them to make a decision.  What harm is there in that?  If it’s on the back of good information they might be inclined to call and if it’s on the back of poor information… well don’t do that 😊

And… for those of you thinking why doesn’t the author follow his own advice?  Well… look around.  You are now on my company’s website.  Hopefully you will stay and check out some of the other amazing bits and pieces here and realise we need to talk.  So … call me 😊

Talking to everyone = talking to no one

If your message isn’t specific it will become white noise.  Don’t believe me?

There was a study done recently where people were feigning grabbing kids from a shopping centre.  When a child called out help me, people ignored it.  Everyone thought someone else would take action.

But when a child was specific saying things like, ‘You in the blue shirt, help me!’ it changed the reaction immediately.

The person called on specifically almost always took action.

Marketing leverages the same process in a different way.  If you are specific in your language and in your pitch to a specific audience they will feel as if the message is specifically for them and they will find it hard to ignore.  They will subconsciously react before they have realised it.

This is why it’s really important to have a specific audience in mind when doing anything.  We often work through the building of avatars with clients to ensure they stay focused and unlock the very best outcomes.  Want to know more?  Contact us today.