Subject Lines for Emails

Think about your inbox at the end of the day.  It will be filled with a mix of business correspondence, sales and offers and spam.  We all click on our filter and decide what we will read and those emails that won’t be read.

So if business people have similar mindsets how you ensure your killer email is seen by your customer?  (I am going to assume you know that sending email that isn’t of value to your customers is a bad mistake!).  If you’ve done any email marketing before you should know the subject line is really important.  It needs to make your email stand out in crowded in boxes.  It may be the only visible content someone will glance at before deciding – read it or bin it.

At the same time, you know the subject line is something that get the spam filters twitchy.  Anything too outrageous and your email won’t make it to the inboxes at all.

Do you play it safe or go for gold?

Personally I check with the experts.  Many of the mailing services like Awebber and Mailchimp offer a checker to ensure you email has the greatest chance to be delivered but this is about the whole email.  What about the all important subject line?

I use two online resources to help me make an informed decision about what words to use.

If you have a subject line ready to go try this page: This website will give you feedback on the whole line.

This one will allow you to focus on single words and allow you to decide if a word should be included.  Some of the results might be a little shocking.  Words you might think create attention and drama may in fact be hampering your open rates.  Check them out – they are free and I have found them to be an invaluable resource.

Hey one last thing before I go, what is the one ingredient you should include in any email?  Check out my next article to see what is the ingredient that will transform your content and create a loyal following.