Test and measure is the scientific approach and it worked to drag humanity out of ignorance yet I am shocked by how few people use this approach when it comes to their business.

A simple way to apply this approach is to look at your websites statistics.  Hands up those people who haven’t looked at their stats in more than 6 months!  I can imagine there are a lots of hands.

Yet website stats can unlock a lot of information about how your business is performing.

Bounce rates are well known.  If you have lots of people visiting your website and leaving really quickly it means your website is not appealing / engaging or your visitors are coming from incorrect traffic sources.  Check this google link for more information:

But one of the most neglected stats is exit pages.  Some people get bounce and exit confused so to clarify if someone visits a single page on your site and then leaves this is a bounce.  If someone looks at a bunch of pages and then leaves, the last page they look at is the exit page.  Fr more information go here:

So why is exit of value?  If your visitors exit on a products / services page this can be telling.  It may indicate the content on this page is poor or customer is expecting something different.

If they exit on the contact page then this might indicate the website provided enough information for the potential customer to think about contacting you.  If your call / contact rates don’t align with these numbers you might think about making it easier for people to call or offering a compelling reason for people to pick up the phone.

So why not wipe the dust off your website stats and see what’s happening.  Of course if you don’t have any website statistics being generated on your site you need to act now.  Here is a link to get you started.

When you have your stats under control you can use a really cool method of tweaking your site until it is humming!  Test and Measure is the friend of anyone wanting to maximise their website impact and I will talk about it in the next article.