Drive the journey

Have you visited a casino?  Or perhaps a shopping centre?  These are good examples of places that intentionally drive your experience.  How?

They make it easy to enter but once you are inside they do a few interesting things like:

  1. They never show you a clock.
  2. They keep the lighting set in such a way that you can’t determine the time of the day. (In fact some the casinos in Vegas actually have fake day and night routines.)
  3. They make the exits hard to find.
  4. They place high volume transactional areas away from the entry to draw you past lots of distractors.


They want you to come deep into their spaces and then they want you to stay.  When you stay you keep spending.

What does this have to do with a website?  You can do the same thing as the casinos / shopping centres.  You can intentionally drive people into parts of your site that will covert sales.  Whether that’s a product or service or something else you know your customers value.   Generally though you want to do it by providing quick access rather than trying to make people stay.  But the theory holds true.

You just need to ensure the customer finds what they need quickly, efficiently.  You will get better traction and your customers will tell you your site is easy to navigate.  Try it.  Put a high sale item on the home page and see what happens.  Then try the same thing with a low seller and see if you can get it to sell more.

By the way… in the digital spaces Facebook and Youtube use the same strategies of keeping you on their site for as long as possible to sell you advertising space.  So this strategy works in the digital space.  So why not follow the example of the big players?  Not sure where to begin?  Send us a message and we will optimise your customer paths.

The most valuable real estate on your site

You are probably familiar with the simple real estate axioms like location, location, location.

What a lot of other people don’t realise the same is also true with respect to the screen location and the placement of content on your website.    There have been a number of eye tracking studies performed to understand what people look at and if it varies and more importantly can it be influenced.

The standard “F” map still holds true and the inverted L is also still valid but the influence of images has always been a catalyst to break these standard consumption pathways, particularly if the image is provocative or if it resonates well with your target audience.

This article provides some excellent examples of this process:

The other thing to notice is the image of the baby.  The heat map gives a very strong message about how humans behave.  When there is an image of a face we respond very strongly to it.

From infancy we have been told to look people in the face.  Since then we have learnt the value of looking at the face to get social cues and nonverbal responses.  The face is super important to us.  This study highlights the value of a face in an image on websites.  Of course the image needs to be closely tied to a call to action to get any real value.

Anyway have a look at the article and tell me about your take on it.  If you want more information why not give us a call?

Recycling has never been so helpful!

Before we start I want to raise some reality checks.

  • People are busy.
  • Fans miss content, and if they miss content you can bet humble customers will miss a lot more.

We work with a lot of companies to support the creation of content.  We provide a range of strategies to ensure the seeds of their content are varied so they have a lot of angles and topics to cover but easily the biggest and easiest strategy is content recycling.

This is not to suggest having the same content appear and then reappear weekly or even monthly but every 6 months or 12 months probably isn’t a problem.  That way you can do two things:

  1. Keep your messaging tight
  2. Reduces your overheads for content creation

We have found customers will re-engage with the content and it may feel familiar but it’s really rare for them to realise it’s a rehash.   Even if they do they will often sent the website owner comments like, I missed so many things the first time I read this OR glad you reposted this as its great information.

That’s really the key.  If the information is good your customer won’t mind seeing it more than once.  If it’s bad or even average, they probably won’t want to see it, ever.

So make sure its high quality and go ahead and reuse it.  We work with some great applications that automate this entire process!  Want to know more?  Contact us today.

Making the most of your social content

If you’ve been in business for a while you will know that the clever folks over at Google keep making changes on how websites are ranked.

While there is always uncertainty about the final mix we know if done correctly social content and currency of content impact its algorithms.  If you think about it, it just makes sense.

While it’s easy to create website content that frames you as an expert it is much harder to fake social content.  As a result google seeks this as a potentially more authentic information source.  By having inbound links from these sources with link text that leverages key phrases you will get value.

Check this article for more information:

The freshness of content is also important.  Google loves websites that update regularly.  From their perspective these sites have the greatest chance of giving their customers the best/latest answer to their search questions.

Check this article for more information about ranking factors:

So if Google wants fresh content and it values social content why not use your activity in your social channels to create a solution.

Placing a social feed on your website ensures the content you are posting on the social channels is reflected on your home page.  This gives you the hit for social content and the regularly updated content benefit.

This approach is particularly useful if your website was built in a way that makes updating content difficult.  This way you don’t have to use the website tools, just keep posting on your social channels.  Awesome!  But what happens if you run out of things to talk about?  It doesn’t matter where you post the content if you have nothing to say.  I will talk about this next!  But if you want more information contact us today.

Fresh or Stale is a no brainer! Yet some people keep picking stale!

Imagine walking along a street of grocery stores.  You walk into one store and find the products are stale and there is dust on the shelves.  What do you do?

Most people would walk out leave and/or complain.  And everyone would pick one of the many other grocery stores on the street!  Most people probably haven’t had this experience… or have they?

The reality is, this happens every single day.  When searching on google users are presented with a long list of potential businesses that offer that service or product.

When a potential customer walks into a digital shop front (a website) they will make a decision on whether they will buy from the business in a few moments.  Will those few minutes reveal old content.

Think about your own website.  Does it have fresh content that creates interest?  Will your potential customers be excited by what they see on your shelves?  Or like many businesses will they see old content?  First impressions are lasting.   What impression does your website create?

With thousands of your competitors available to potential customers via the back button can you afford to lose customers due to old products / information sitting on the shelves?

Of course there is another side to this story.  Customers are not the only visitors to your website.  Google loves fresh content.  Have a look at this article that explains why:

Take the time, make the effort.  Both Google and potential customers will love it almost as much as your bottom line!  Want to know how to keep the creative juices flowing?  Give us a call today at +61-073-351-2239 or visit us at

Ecommerce Web Design & Development Services by Ecommerce Website Specialists in Brisbane

There are thousands of ecommerce websites over the web and hundreds of new online stores are set to go online in the next few months, so how will you make your ecommerce website stand out when it is surrounded by competitors.  This is a fundamental question you should ask before going online with your products or services.  If you don’t have the answer, we can help.

We are Webmate, an ecommerce website development company in Brisbane, and we know what it takes to build a winning ecommerce website. An exclusively designed ecommerce website illustrating your business, your industry and your core business values is the only way to make your ecommerce website stand above the crowd.  First impressions are important and a beautiful web design is a way to ensure you make the most of every opportunity.  Building an attractive web design for ecommerce websites has always played a key role in successful online sales and marketing.

Ecommerce Web Development Services in Brisbane, Australia 

Webmate offers personalized ecommerce website design and development services to all businesses. Whether you are a startup, a small business or an established brand looking to design an out-of-the-ordinary ecommerce website; Webmate is here to help you achieve your business goals in your budget and timeline. Our team of web designers is committed to help you in your efforts to take your business to the next level. We will design an online store of your choice that reflects what your business is about.

Webmate has an abundance of experience when it comes to ecommerce website design and development. Whether you’re about to create a new ecommerce website to take your business to the next level or have been thinking about redesigning your existing online store, contact us to know how our ecommerce website design and development services can help you own an ecommerce website perfect for your business. We pride ourselves in offering our customers ecommerce web design services that go beyond their expectations and give them an edge over their competitors.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you. To contact us, visit us at | Dial: 07-3351-2239 | Email: [email protected].

Tips to Gain Extra Strong Online Presence for Your Business in 2018

Starting a new business? You will face tough competition! There are a few things, however, that you can do to overcome your competition and at the same time attract new customers.

No matter what kind of business you are starting, you need to gain a strong online presence. After all, people all across the globe spend most of their time surfing online. A strong online presence helps the business connect to the right kind of audience. It also allows you to control what your potential customers see about your business. If you want to boost your brand new business, follow the below steps, which can help you create a powerful online presence and help you reach out to more potential customers.

Tip 1# Own an Elegant Website for Your Business

Most people spend more than half of their time surfing online, so never underrate the power of a beautiful business website. A business website helps you extend your reach beyond your local brick and mortar shop or office. With a website, you can reach out to your customers both locally and globally. A website, can also help your business operate 24×7, 365 days a year, which is very unlikely with your brick and mortar shop or office. Your website also allows your potential customers to contact you, let them buy your products or services, and do much more, all at their own convenience. Today, having a nice business website is absolutely necessary.

Tip 2# Hire Internet Marketing Professionals for Your Website

After getting your business website, you need to focus on the ways to let your potential customers know about the existence of your website. SEO or search engine optimisation can be very beneficial here. Whenever anyone needs anything, they Google or Bing or Yahoo it. In other words, they search it in their favourite search engine. You need to make your website’s presence felt in search engines, so that whenever anyone searches something that you sell, your business website comes up in their search result. In order to make a strong presence in the search engines, you need to rely on SEO. Search engine optimisation is a method of making a website more prominent (ranked higher) in the search engine results’ page. SEO is not an easy task, so it will be in your best interest to consider SEO services and hire SEO professionals to carry out SEO on your website.

Tip 3# Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Instant Boost

For an added boost, it is very beneficial, especially for start-up businesses, to do both SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) simultaneously. When you employ both SEO and PPC strategies, your business website will gain more visibility or more than one spot in the search engine results page. PPC further helps gain instant web traffic to your business website. Despite being a tad more expensive than SEO, it is worth spending on a PPC program as it helps start-up businesses gain instant visibility in the search engines.

If you need a beautiful business website as well as internet marketing services for it, you don’t have to go searching for different agencies. There are reputable web development companies in the Brisbane, like Webmate, that provide web development services along with web designing services and branding services under one roof.

Webmate is a reputable web development company in Brisbane, Australia, that provides high-quality web development services to small and medium-sized business in Brisbane, as well as effective digital marketing services. In business for more than 21 years, Webmate can help you build an exceptional business website and also help you ensure that it is prominently visible in the popular search engines.

Apart from web development in Brisbane, Webmate also provides bespoke web design services and business branding services in Australia.

To learn more about web development in Brisbane, Web Design or any other services that Webmate offers, send us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also call us at +07-3351-2239 (Brisbane).

Do’s And Don’ts For a Successful Website Design In 2018

For every business, the internet offers opportunity and competition. Therefore, being a business owner,  you need to keep your business website technically updated and functionally efficiently. Your website should keep your visitors engaged and increase conversation rates. Great in theory but how do you plan to  keep your visitors engaged when they land on your website. This objective can be easily accomplished by a beautifully designed website and with the help of a web design company like Webmate in Brisbane.

Your business website is your digital calling card over the web; hence; it has to be as effective as possible. Even the most powerful internet marketing strategies will fail if the centre of their digital presence (their website) is poorly designed. Effective internet marketing strategies may bring you the customers, but it is your website that will lead them to make the final purchase thus providing you with some real ROI. In this blog, we will help you understand the importance of professional web design services by an experienced web design company.

Many businesses regularly redesign their websites because their current designs simply do not help rank in SERPs. Also, no visitors enjoy spending time on websites with cluttered images and unorderly arranged contents. Redesigning your website is one way to rank higher in Google and other search engines; but you should also focus on quality of the content.

A beautifully designed website increases the conversation rate, because everyone loves to visit and explore what’s new in the website. Conversion rate is calculated by the number of website visitors who complete the desired action. And the right website development experts can provide you with a design that can help improve the layout, text, and online forms to significantly boost your conversion rates.

It is important for you to convey your goals to the people designing your website so that they can act accordingly. Moreover, they can provide you with not only a great looking website, but also one that is effective when it comes to improving on your desired conversions.

A systematically designed website guarantees decent UX (user experience). The latter is a very important factor that needs to be taken into consideration when we talk about website design and its effect on an internet marketing strategy.

Imagine you create high-quality content and place it on your site, and then use different channels to advertise it. If your website is not user friendly the whole endeavour will be futile because all the people you have attracted using marketing tools won’t stay around long enough to check out your content and your product.

Your website design is important for raising brand awareness and making a clear statement when it comes to your company’s goals. But it is also there to convey your company’s message and evoke emotions in your users.

Some carefully chosen images in combination with the right colour choices in the background can have a lot bigger impact then a blog post or a paid ad ever could

So take your time, consult a web design company like Webmate in Brisbane so that you come up with the design that will be the best possible representation of your brand and your company’s message; only then your marketing campaign will truly be successful.

For a free web design consultation, contact us at

Webmate – Best Ecommerce Web Development Company in Brisbane, Australia

Ecommerce web development in Brisbane is gaining immense popularity among the businesses, because compared to standard business websites; ecommerce websites offer more clarity and information about the company’s products and services. It also facilitates visitors to find and buy the product of their choice after a thorough research within the stipulated time.

If you are planning to develop an ecommerce website for your brick and mortar business in Australia, then there are plenty of platforms available such as – Magento, WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, ZenCart and Volusion to name a few. Most of these platforms are free to use; hence, all you need to do is find an ecommerce web development company in Australia that can customize it as per your business requirements. All these platforms are easy-to-use, secure, and highly customizable.

Webmate is an Ecommerce Web Development company in Brisbane with more than 14 years of industry experience. We have helped plenty of small to large-sized businesses in Australia fulfill their dream of going global with their products and services. At Webmate, we have separate teams of web designers and web developers with the necessary expertise in Responsive Web Design, SEO Friendly Websites and key web application technologies such as MS .NET, MS SQL and many other open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc.

At Webmate, we don’t just develop an ecommerce website with the list of products having a buy now button, but our team of online store developers focuses on the aspects such as search engine, user experience, product listing, inventory management, branding, and many such decisive aspects required for a successful ecommerce website. While developing an ecommerce website, we ensure;

  • Amazing Store Management – This feature will help you effortlessly manage your inventory
  • Secure Payment Gateways – We will advise and integrate the most secure payment gateway that suits your needs
  • 3rd Party Plugin Integrations – Integration of 3rd party plugins with accounting and POS systems
  • Internet Marketing – Our team of internet marketing team will ensure your ecommerce website is SEO friendly
  • Precise Reporting – Precise reporting and data collection for data-driven decisions.

Webmate is your one-stop e-commerce website design and development partner in Brisbane, Australia. Our team of web designers and web developers purely focuses on the development of an e-commerce website that drives revenue. Whether you are a start-up, a small business or an established brand, we can create any size e-commerce website on any e-commerce platform.

To discuss your project your requirements with us for free, contact us at [email protected] or dial 07-3351-2239 Australia.

Top 3 Web Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

It is great to know that you have decided to develop a website for your business in Australia. This is a really good decision, as it will help your reach the global customers with your products and services; thereby increasing your sales and profit. But, while you decide to develop a website for your brick and mortar store, there are some web development mistakes that you should avoid to ensure a successful web development in Australia.

We are Webmate – a web development company in Brisbane, and here we have listed some of the most common web development mistakes that you should avoid while developing a website for your business; and they are;

  1. Non-Responsive or Non-Mobile Friendly Website: In the age of smartphones, the numbers of visitors coming from mobile phones are more than the desktops and laptops. Therefore, your website has to be responsive or mobile friendly to accommodate and entertain all the traffic coming from different-sized smartphones. Your business website should be designed and developed in such a way that it equally satisfies the desktop visitors along with the smartphone users. Moreover, it will also affect your SEO rankings, because search engines such as Google are also in favour of responsive websites. Hence, your website should be mobile friendly and responsive to any screen size.
  1. Website With Complicated Navigation: This is the second most crucial mistake that you should avoid when developing a website. Visitors as well as customers avoid visiting websites with the complicated navigation system. Therefore, you should carefully design the navigation of your website. Try to provide all the necessary information in an organized, so that it avoids any sort of back and forth for the customers. Make sure, your customers find all the necessary information on your website in 3 or less clicks or they will immediately leave your website.
  1. Slow Loading Website: Website load time is the third most critical mistake to avoid to keep your visitors committed towards your website. 53% of visitors leaves a website if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a big problem, according to Google. A website that loads faster offer a great user experience and ultimately leads to higher conversions. “Site Speed” is one of the ranking according Google, and it your website takes more time to load, then it may eventually lose its higher rankings in the search results. Therefore, at the time of web development, you should make sure your website loads faster.

Above mentioned mistakes are quite common at the time of web development, but can be easily avoided. If you want to know whether your website has any of these flaw, then feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are Webmate – a web development company in Brisbane, and we offer a free site health check-up. Contact us for a free consultation, Today!