The most valuable real estate on your site

You are probably familiar with the simple real estate axioms like location, location, location.

What a lot of other people don’t realise the same is also true with respect to the screen location and the placement of content on your website.    There have been a number of eye tracking studies performed to understand what people look at and if it varies and more importantly can it be influenced.

The standard “F” map still holds true and the inverted L is also still valid but the influence of images has always been a catalyst to break these standard consumption pathways, particularly if the image is provocative or if it resonates well with your target audience.

This article provides some excellent examples of this process:

The other thing to notice is the image of the baby.  The heat map gives a very strong message about how humans behave.  When there is an image of a face we respond very strongly to it.

From infancy we have been told to look people in the face.  Since then we have learnt the value of looking at the face to get social cues and nonverbal responses.  The face is super important to us.  This study highlights the value of a face in an image on websites.  Of course the image needs to be closely tied to a call to action to get any real value.

Anyway have a look at the article and tell me about your take on it.  If you want more information why not give us a call?