Recycling has never been so helpful!

Before we start I want to raise some reality checks.

  • People are busy.
  • Fans miss content, and if they miss content you can bet humble customers will miss a lot more.

We work with a lot of companies to support the creation of content.  We provide a range of strategies to ensure the seeds of their content are varied so they have a lot of angles and topics to cover but easily the biggest and easiest strategy is content recycling.

This is not to suggest having the same content appear and then reappear weekly or even monthly but every 6 months or 12 months probably isn’t a problem.  That way you can do two things:

  1. Keep your messaging tight
  2. Reduces your overheads for content creation

We have found customers will re-engage with the content and it may feel familiar but it’s really rare for them to realise it’s a rehash.   Even if they do they will often sent the website owner comments like, I missed so many things the first time I read this OR glad you reposted this as its great information.

That’s really the key.  If the information is good your customer won’t mind seeing it more than once.  If it’s bad or even average, they probably won’t want to see it, ever.

So make sure its high quality and go ahead and reuse it.  We work with some great applications that automate this entire process!  Want to know more?  Contact us today.