Test and Measure

Not sure if that new call to action will work?

Want to know if your landing pages are working?

Need to be sure you are getting the best value from your advertising?

Want to check if your sale is resonating with your customers?

There is a single answer to all of these questions.  Test and measure.  Why guess when you can try something and see if it works?

Imagine you have a new call to action (I will assume you have one of those 😊).  Take a benchmark in your stats and see if the new one does better or worse.

If the stats tell you it is working – great!  Now try again and refine it again to see if you can get another bump in user response.

If the stats tell you it isn’t working – great!  Go back to the original and go again making sure you learn from your mistakes.

Knowing more about your customers and what makes them react is always worthwhile.  A failed call to action will tell you about what not to use in all your marketing.  And a successful call to action might allow your business to reposition itself to maximise the benefit.

Of course, there is a super-fast, efficient way of doing all of this.  It’s become such a critical tool for anyone doing pay per click advertising that google has even added a toolset to support its paying customers.  I’ll tell you all about in the next article but a faster way to get the information is to shoot us an email or give us call.  Look forward to hearing from you.