Active Vs Passive Voice

If you have children you will know the “I want” tone.  From an early age children learn that if they want something they ask for it.  Sometimes over and over again at an increasing pitch and volume.

As adults, we learnt this behaviour is impolite.  In Australian culture we rarely even ask, waiting to be invited.  On a side note we also never take the last one.  How many times have you been at a function when something delicious disappears until there is one left on the plate and it sits there waiting to be eaten.  I have an American friend who thinks this is super funny and swoops in to grab the last one knowing we are all too embarrassed to grab it.

Anyway, this ‘not asking’ thing is a problem.

Think about the content on your website or any of your marketing material.  How often in that content do you ask people to take action?  Like: call us today, or shoot us an email, or buy today.  If you are like most Australian business the number of calls to action is similar to the number of pieces of pizza left over at teenagers birthday party… none.  Or you have a few but they aren’t very good.

There is some simple psychology here.  People read in a passive mindset.  By asking them to contact you or to take action you are firing up a different part of their thought processes.  You are asking them to make a decision.  What harm is there in that?  If it’s on the back of good information they might be inclined to call and if it’s on the back of poor information… well don’t do that 😊

And… for those of you thinking why doesn’t the author follow his own advice?  Well… look around.  You are now on my company’s website.  Hopefully you will stay and check out some of the other amazing bits and pieces here and realise we need to talk.  So … call me 😊