When it comes to their marketing and specifically website content, businesses frequently make a big mistake.  They target their current audience!

For many businesses this is a lack of vision and in all cases without considering the future this is leaving a lot in the hands of fate.

Think of your own business and your current crop of customers.  Everyone has clients they love because they are easy to work with, pay on time etc.  We also have those that make life really “interesting” by being difficult and less profitable.  But do you use this information to decide where your business wants to be and who it wants to attract?

With some quick demographic analysis, you might be able to determine where your best customers can be found.  Can they be found by industry?  Locality?  Business size?  Or perhaps by referral type?  Spend some time learning from the past.

This same exercise might also help you work out where the tough customers live.  With this information, you can change or predict the future of your business, if you take action.  Change the language and the marketing approach to target your best customers.

Now you can predict the future of your business by speaking and resonating with the group of people you want to attract to your business!  All the benefits of your business history will support your business growth in the future if you leverage it.

Imagine working with customers you love and seeing less of the customers you find challenging.  Your website can be the key to unlock this new future.