Ever wonder what people see when they visit your website? There have been lots of studies done on this very topic. Eye tracking studies to work out what people focus on first. Where their eye travels and the direction of their gaze. What’s even more interesting is… where they look doesn’t always match what catches their attention.

Peripheral vision makes the whole things a little more exciting. The point is however even if you have a strong call to action how can you tell if people notice it? In fact you can almost guarantee an unbeatable offer will disappear into the background if you put in the bottom left corner. Why? It’s the last place eyes go and unless your home page is really exciting people have moved on well before the eye gets there.

Ok… so where is THE spot on the page that’s guaranteed to be seen? Top left is awfully good for navigation but not for an offer. So where is it?

Tell you what – call us and we will tell you. No strings attached. In fact I will also give you 3 other important pieces of information that will massively improve the value of your website, free of charge. No strings attached. You can hang up straight after I tell you. Try it 🙂