Just waiting for the right time?
Want to be sure you get it right?
Not sure if its worth your time?

Pick an excuse. We’ve heard them all. These excuses relate to many things we put off… but the one that is bothering us at the moment is social media content. Why? We all know social content is powerful for good rankings with Google. As a result social content can impact your business significantly. Great right?

It should be but… A number of people became our clients after they realised they had a social media problem. Social content they didn’t write. Social content they didn’t reflect well on their business and was ranking very highly.

For example one caterer had an unhappy customer who created a post about their experience with the business. Because this business didn’t have a strong social presence (actually they didn’t have any) this content ranked really well with Google. In fact when anyone searched their name the second result was this post saying some really awful things about the company. Needless to say this impacted their business.

Worse the company didn’t realise what was going on until a customer called and suggested they check out what was on the search engines. Because the content had been up for a while it took some time to resolve the issue!

Search engines don’t discriminate on the type of content or on the accuracy of it. When they index it they will supply it to anyone searching. So if you are still sitting on the fence maybe fear will get you moving. If you don’t create content maybe someone else will. People only bother to post about businesses when they are passionate. And while they could be in love with your business, generally it will be because they are not happy!

So the time is now. Start social marketing. Embrace your opportunities.

If you need a guide to getting the biggest bang from social media give us a call. Or if you are like some of our other clients and you have a social media problem we can help you too!