Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If a website is like billboard would you like it to appear on a country road or a city street? Both are visible but one will have hundreds of eyes on it while the other will be rarely seen. In simple terms we put your site in a place to be seen by many!! We get you ranked!

How ?

  • The first process is understanding where you want to get ranked. A lot of companies will offer promises to get you amazing rankings, but frequently it will be for key phrases that don’t get traffic or worse, for a phrase that doesn’t relate well to your business. We flip this by analyzing the best places to be found (key phrases) and look for the lowest hanging fruit so you can get results fast.
  • The second step is to see what you’ve got, whether your website passes all the requirements of search engines and visitors. After all, there isn’t any point getting a lot of visitors if your site doesn’t convert them into customers. At the same time, we’ll check what your competitors are doing so we understand what you’re up against.
  • The third step is to change the content of your site so it reflects the best key phrases so we can establish a platform for success. This gives Google great signals on what your site is about and where it should be placed.
  • The fourth step is creating quality content that allows your site to develop rich content built around the key phrases chosen in step number one. This will mean regular posts which demonstrates to Google and your visitors the lights are on and you’re ready for their business.
  • The fifth step is to build out a range of external resources and links that point back to your site. These external links are the last piece in the SEO puzzle and one of the things we will continue to work on for the duration of the program.

We are a little different from most other companies…. We communicate with our customers. We will let you know how your site is performing with regular reports, give you updates on what’s working and what’s not and update you on the strategies. All of this is supported by hard numbers. No mystery. No smoke and mirrors. Numbers.

Oh… one last thing. We don’t do long term contracts. They’re scary and frankly we would rather prove the quality of our service through outcomes.